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Changes? and Personal Realization

Recently, I had a little moment of realization with myself and found that as a result of the little slump I was in, I just kept putting off things, procrastinating with certain deadlines and fell in a deep hole of mental turmoil due to the sudden changes that occurred in my life as a result of post(?)-pandemic decisions.

My mother mentioned that I had finally found a “competitor to my natural ability” and ethic, and as a result of the fact that I had to rely on not only my smarts, but my work regime, it probably shocked me.

And though she might have said this in jest, to a certain extent, she was right. I began making constant excuses for myself (and they got worse as time went on) and furthermore started weekly pity parties and sob- fetes.

Just earlier this week, I think I had gotten tired of my own bullshit and decided in haste to delete most of my social media apps on my phone and tablet and simply focus on what was my next challenge: Exam season.

Now, it is always great to be able to know when you’re meant to take a step back for yourself if things get too overbearing (and I encourage everyone to do this. Please do not risk your physical, mental or emotional well-being) I believe for myself, I needed that uncontrolled moment because if I sat down and continued mulling and pondering what I should do or when I should start, truthfully, I wouldn’t be getting anywhere.

With that being said, I wanted to pay a bit more heed to this blog. I have it, why not use it? I’m deciding to have a small event for myself. Posting certain wips I’ve done with prompts I’ve either received or found on my own.

I encourage everyone to remain safe as usual, take care of yourself, and enjoy the rest of your day ❤


Changes? And Personal Realization

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