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2022 End Card and A Catch Up

I’d first like to start this off with an extremely Happy New Year to everyone reading this. I hope that with 2023, bountiful riches will come to all of us. I did not expect to be writing my 2022 end card here, but I deemed it a bit necessary as it’s been several months sinceContinue reading “2022 End Card and A Catch Up”


As some or most of us know, pride month begins from June 1st and ends along the last week of June. This monthly event is used as a commemoration of the stonewall riots. This event taking place after years of mistreatment by the police force to queer persons in New York, who eventually became tiredContinue reading “JUNE 2022 (PRIDE MONTH)”

Changes? and Personal Realization

Recently, I had a little moment of realization with myself and found that as a result of the little slump I was in, I just kept putting off things, procrastinating with certain deadlines and fell in a deep hole of mental turmoil due to the sudden changes that occurred in my life as a resultContinue reading “Changes? and Personal Realization”