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As some or most of us know, pride month begins from June 1st and ends along the last week of June. This monthly event is used as a commemoration of the stonewall riots. This event taking place after years of mistreatment by the police force to queer persons in New York, who eventually became tired of this misdemeanor.
An event that became the catalyst for the Gay liberation movement, created to encourage change in perception of the LGBTQ+ community. A movement created in order to fight against the mishandling of queer people and a stance to show that we do belong.

While much has been completed, there is of course, much that still has to be done. We must remember that there are many countries in the world that deem being LGBTQ+ illegal and otherwise, mistreatment is still being felt by queer persons all around the board. However, allow me to pride (pun intended) myself on what I truly appreciate about this month.

Pride is being able to celebrate who you are, a part of you that deserves to be seen, heard, understood and appreciated! It is to be a time where you treasure the different journeys people take that do not follow along hetero or allonormativity.

Pride is meant to be upheld for people the who fought for their voices to be heard. This month is to celebrate persons who were undeservedly turned away by friends, loved ones, acquaintances all due to simply being who you are! Moreover we uphold this to show to persons who are not out yet; we see you, we hear you, we appreciate you. You are loved. You are valued. You are deserving of a place to be free to be and love who you want.

Pride is an inclusive event and I feel that sometimes we lose sight of the fact that many lesbian and trans people of colour were the driving force for many of what we have today. With this rememberance, we must allow open arms to everyone.

I hope that everyone enjoys their month of commemoration and celebration. All queer persons globally. Stay safe and stay amazing


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