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2022 End Card and A Catch Up

I’d first like to start this off with an extremely Happy New Year to everyone reading this. I hope that with 2023, bountiful riches will come to all of us.

I did not expect to be writing my 2022 end card here, but I deemed it a bit necessary as it’s been several months since I’ve last posted here.

For 2022 I had several goals in mind and I can count on one hand how many of them ACTUALLY came off the “vision board” and how many did not. 2022 has been one of my busiest years of my life to date. First, we finally come out of a 2 year long pandemic straight into a school year where my year group has to basically run the school for the lower forms. 

I had my dreams crushed, my heart broken several times and several more times I wondered if there was any fruition to the things, I’ve spent years dreaming about. 

I had to learn that things do NOT come to fruition immediately. I had to be gentle but also push myself to limits where I thought I quite literally could not make it to Monday morning with how exhausted I was. 

I had to learn to be a team player, to do things I didn’t like for the sake of everyone else and I had to learn to listen and better myself in aspects where I wasn’t the best teammate. 

I had to stomach the feeling of imposter syndrome in rooms where I almost felt like I didn’t belong. I had to navigate harsh situations and accept even harsher truths (which I’m still processing). I’m not even sure if I’m even going to go to the university of my dreams anymore for several reasons. 

Growth DEFINITELY is not linear. There were months where some weeks I felt like I was on top of the world and months where out of the 30 days, it was barely one third where I didn’t go through the entire day without tearing up. 

I had possibly one of the rockiest academic terms of my school career and I’m still in awe I’ve managed to top all of the work we’ve done this term 

But with a year of some disappointments, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any other year more than 2022 

I’m a house captain! Who says manifestation doesn’t work? I have an entire gallery filled with some of the best and questionable memories I’ve done for the past 52 weeks. 

I got back into listening to podcasts. I reconnected with people I’m so happy to have in my life. I’ve outgrown others. 

Am I the same person I was in 2021? God no and thank goodness for that. I’ve been happier, healthier and more active. I’ve been more in tune with myself and I’ve grown from every good and bad experience that I’ve been through.

For 2023, I planned a concise PHYSICAL vision board instead of half- assing it. I’ve set my intentions. I’ve created my affirmations and I’ve put my mind to the goals and come what may I will get to the point of a life 10-year-old me had dreamed of. 

I actually have to get back to figuring out how notion works for starters.

So so excited for 2023 and I hope no matter what. No matter what direction life steers persons in, what paths we may clear, we’re all deserving of a life we’ve dreamed and worked towards.  

In the New Year I pray everyone gets one thing checked off, one goal done or makes one step to getting it done.



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